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Established in 1989, Saudi Industries for PVC Windows specializes in the manufacturing of PVC profiles using European technology and standards enabling us to produce high-quality innovative PVC windows and doors to suit different specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Impact Resistance

    Impact Resistance

    Specially formulated to withstand high impacts.
  • Excellent Weather Resistance

    Excellent Weather Resistance

    Our products are durable and able to achieve high resistance against UV and long exposure in extreme weather changes.
  • Excellent Heat Insulation, Energy Savings

    Excellent Heat Insulation, Energy Savings

    In air-conditioned areas, windows and doors with special glazing properties can reduce energy and heat.
  • Excellent Water Resistance

    Excellent Water Resistance

    Uniquely designed weep holes and weather-stripping provides no water leakage characteristics.
  • Corrosion Resistance

    Corrosion Resistance

    PVC windows and doors are free from the attack of acids, alkalis, waste gases and salts and have proved to be excellent in industrial factories, such as breweries, textile, and paper mills.
  • Excellent Soundproof

    Excellent Soundproof

    The multi-chambered designed profile has tight seals, which are the best in noise reduction.
  • Minimum Air Infiltration

    Minimum Air Infiltration

    The impervious weather-stripping provides low air infiltration and increases the efficiency of air-conditioner, hence, saves energy.
  • Excellent Fireproof

    Excellent Fireproof

    The PVC material is an excellent fire-proof material due to its non-spontaneous ignition and self-extinguishing characteristics.
  • Low Thermal Expansion

    Low Thermal Expansion

    PVC windows and doors are easily operated even under the hottest weather condition due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Electricity Insulation

    Electricity Insulation

    PVC has high electrical insulation and is safe from electrical conductivity and maintenance free.
  • Attractive Appearance

    Attractive Appearance

    Wintek PVC windows and doors has smooth surface and welded corners with optional color combinations (laminated or painted) which gives superior outlook.
  • High Precision

    High Precision

    PVC-U material could be processed precisely and the measurement of length, width has a tolerable value of +/- 3 mm.

Our Products

Profile Systems

Side Hung System

  • Majestic Profile System (4000 Series)
  • Prince Profile System (3100 Series)
  • Royale Profile System (2000 Series)

Sliding System

  • Crown Profile System (3200 Series)
  • Supreme Profile System (2200 Series)
  • Imperial Profile System (2700 Series)

PVC Windows & Doors

  • Majestic Side Hung System (4000 Series)
  • Prince Side Hung System (3100 Series)
  • Crown Sliding System (3200 Series)
  • Imperial Sliding System (2700 Series)
  • Supreme Sliding Windows System (2200 Series)
  • Royale Side Hung System (2000 Series)

Our Projects

  • Al Waha Mall
    Al Waha Mall

    ALWAHA Mall, Dammam

  • Al Bustan Tayba Hotel
    Al Bustan Tayba Hotel

    Al Bustan Tayba Hotel, Medina

  • Rviera Compound
    Rviera Compound

    Rviera Compound, Aziza, Khobar

  • Private Villa
    Private Villa


  • Easily Recycled

    Easily Recycled

  • Derived From Natural Resources

    Derived From Natural Resources

  • Low Carbon Footprint

    Low Carbon Footprint

  • Energy Efficient

    Energy Efficient

At Wintek, we work on different areas of sustainability such as human, social, economic, and environmental. Our main objective is to improve human wellbeing, identify community needs, sustain economic growth and reduce environmental negative impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wintek Window System is PVC and PVC is plastic. Will it sustain the high ambient and surface temperature of the middle east countries?

Yes. PVC is plastic in nature and a polymer by-product. This material is versatile in the sense that it can be made into a finished product that will conform to its use by simply modifying its constituents. Furthermore, PVC has an inert ability to have a low thermal conductivity that absorbs less heat from the surrounding. Thus, the rigidity of the system makes it withstand high temperatures.

What is the indicative square meter price?

The price of an sqm window depends on the complexity of the window design and type of glazing. A normal simple turn window with a standard double glass unit is estimated at 950 sr/sqm.

Is PVC Window toxic?

PVC window as a finished product is nontoxic.

How do you maintain these windows to last?

The user must clean the window surface with a soap-water solution once a month and dry it.

What is the designed lifetime of PVC windows/profiles?

50 years and more except for the wear and tear parts.

Are the accessories exclusive to PVC or available in the market?

Yes. Available with PVC window suppliers and manufacturers.

How much heat-saving will I get using PVC compared with alum.?

33% minimum.

Does this product support the Green Effect Program of the government?

Yes. It is an energy conservation material due to its inherent property and design as PVC.

Grow With Us

WINTEK is inviting window fabricators to be an authorized system user of WINTEK PVC Windows System.

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