About us


SAUDI INDUSTRIES FOR PVC WINDOWS CO. LTD founded in 1989 starting the activity as a simple fabricator of PVC windows acquiring its profile from a European company using its own technology.

The PVC window become in demand during the first two years of operation of SAUDI INDUSTRIES FOR PVC WINDOWS CO. LTD till 1991 that the management decided to produce its own profile system using its own technology.

WINTEK established originally in Saudi Arabia having a very scorch and extreme climate challenged the Management and its Technical Team to develop further its innovative product to suit the condition therein. Today,WINTEK Profile system is considered to be one of the best quality profile in the world having it tested and passed the demand of a very harsh climatic condition.

WINTEK gained the acceptance of the gulf market which paved its way to start opening Pilot Plants in major areas in the Saudi Arabia namely Dammam, Riyadh, Madina and Beirut – Lebanon, Uzbekistan in the North, Dubai, Kuwait and in Egypt.


  • In 1992, SAUDI INDUSTRIES FOR PVC WINDOWS CO LTD started to set up its own complete Profile Extrusion Plant in a new acquired 5000 sq. Mtrs. Space in Jeddah Industrial Estate.
  • In 1993, the first PVC-U Window Profile Extrusion Plant in the Gulf was operated and carried the brand name “WINTEK” for the profile system being used.
  • In 1997, WINTEK obtained the ISO Quality System Certificate under classification ISO 9002 with Certificate No. Q10612 by SGS YARSLEY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES LIMITED.
  • In 1998, WINTEK added STRUCTURAL GLAZING SYSTEM in their range of products.
  • Today, WINTEK is considered to be the leader and the only PVC Window Profile Extrusion Plant existing in the Gulf Countries.