Imperial 2700



Two aluminum rails are fitted to the bottom frame for easy sliding quality of the rollers and elongate the service life of the sash.


To receive additional profile, the outer perimeter of the profile is provided with clipping details, thereby top, bottom and sidelights can also be added.


Imperial 2700 frame profile has a construction depth of 66mm. The sliding frames are made from the same profiles on all sides and welded at the corners.


For the sliding sash, it has a construction depth of 43 mm and are all made from the same profiles welded at the corners. Sash profiles are fitted with the mohair brush, which runs along the whole length of the sash of the window.


Imperial Sliding System incorporates the interlock system between two sashes that slides against each other.


To cover the opening grooves for the rails, Filler profiles are fixed to the side frames and header frames.


Imperial Sliding System provides the centerpiece, which has an integrated brush for the top and bottom to ensure a close fitting between sashes.


Imperial Sliding System has reinforcement chamber which is designed to suit to the static requirements of the windows. Reinforcement U-profile is fitted in these chambers. In between reinforcement and the PVC walls, an air clearance is provided to allow easy fitting of the reinforcement and increase the thermal insulation.