Majestic Profile System (4000 Series)

Majestic profile system is the most economical system having a low height and slimmer in overall look. Made as an alternative for nominal or small size windows for residential houses.


It can be used to make windows and doors. Should a customer desire for slimmer system, Majestic system is recommended.


Weather edges
Screw guidance system
Sash seal can be used for the sash seal and outer frame seal
Outer frame drainage chamber

  1. Majestic Frame Profile has an outer frame construction depth of 58mm and height 60mm. This dimension provides the optimum requirements to function the chambers for drainage, ventilation, reinforcement and fittings.
  2. The perimeter of the frame is provided with clip grooves to receive additional profiles and for rigidity. This provides for fitting overlap profiles, coupling profiles over the full length. The same grooves are provided in the sash to fit the glazing beads, which can accommodate single glazing and double-glazing from 18-21mm thick.
  3. Outer frame reinforcement chamber is hermetically sealed and the frame drainage chamber is made through the front chamber. Reinforcement U-profile is fitted in this chamber, and in between the PVC wall and the reinforcement, an air clearance is provided to lessen the difficulties of fitting the reinforcement. Air clearance is provided to lessen the difficulties of fitting the reinforcement and thereby increases the thermal insulation.
  4. Hardware of fittings channel is designed in accordance with European standard with the width of 16mm and depth of 9 mm. This will be suited to fit to the commercially available fittings.
  5. Majestic frame profile has the weather edges, which permits a simple fitting of the sash section and provides a large overlapping area for the seal.
  6. Majestic profile has a screw guidance system to increase the tear out resistance of the screws and prevent a run-out during automatic screwing.
  7. The sash seal is designed as folding seal; this same seal can be used for the sash seal and outer frame seal.
  8. The Prince profile has an outer frame drainage chamber, which collects the volume of water that goes through a sufficiently large drainage opening to the front.
  9. To ensure that the water running down the sash need not run in to the frame and to the drainage chamber, a rain drip groove is provided in the sash.
  10. Majestic profile has provided a groove for middle seal in the sash for more insulating advantage against dust, air and water penetration.

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