Crown Sliding System (3200 Series)

Crown Sliding Window is the most efficient sliding window system among the Wintek window products. It has a big depth to accommodate the 2 normal sashes or even a third sash (movable frame) if required.


Frame Profile Size: 105.4*78.9
Sash Profile Size :43*77.1




Average Density: 1.38 to 1.40 g/cc
Heat Conductivity: 0.13 Kcal m2 H OC
Elasticity Modulus: 20.0 N / m2
Surface Resistance: 1012 ohms
Flexural Strength: 13 KJ m2


5 years for PVC doors and windows
2 years for accessories

It has a built-in architrave system and it has its own fly screen system which can be installed from outside or inside of the window. This option has the advantage that the fly screen does get dirty accumulating dust if installed inside. The beauty of having the fly screen inside is that it does not cover the glasses and destroy the image. It can be used for windows and doors. Can accommodate up to 24 mm of Double Glaze units.

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