Structural Glaze SGS System

With the emergence of new building designs, the architect gives more emphasis on the NEW concept of Curtain Walling System which is the Structural Glaze. The main construction frame is made from Aluminum profiles and glasses are fixed by bonding or mechanical jointing. The glasses side by side are joined and sealed together by silicone or rubber seals. The outside finishes look of the curtain wall with this structural glaze is showing simply glass facades and no visible aluminum profiles or element is observed. Wintek further added some features by covering the main aluminum profiles from inside with PVC extruded profiles. These PVC Caps as we call comes in different colors are the customer may request. The PVC caps helps in prevention of heat transfer from the outside environment- through the glasses and aluminum.


The new product design is described as follows:


The main mullion, the transom and the opening sashes are made from extruded aluminum alloy of 6063. The extruded aluminum profiles may come in:


Anodized or Powder Coated form

Or with PVC extruded cap


The glasses are fixed to the main aluminum profiles by mechanical jointing having glass clips screwed unto the profiles.


The glazing system is designed to accommodate 28 mm and having an airspace cavity of 16 mm. This is to give better insulation and isolation performance to the structural glazing system.


In accordance with the various functional requirements of vents / opening windows such as outward openings; Top Hung and Side Hung windows can be integrated in this system.


Aside from the EPDM center sealing placed between the glazing, silicone sealant may also be used for sealing purpose.


Advantage of the System:


  1. Design and Specification Flexibility; Pricing Flexibility.


The Structural Glazing System offers 3 finishings as follows:


  1. Anodized
  2. Powder Coated
  3. PVC-U Cap Finished ….. in different Colors


  1. The system can accommodate 28 mm thickness of insulated glass where it gives better heat and sound insulation.


  1. The system of glass fixing is by mechanical joint having restraints on the glass, thus ensuring more safety.


Technical Specification:


Glass Types:


Inner Sheet : 6mm thickness glass

Cavity : 16 mm Airspace

Outer sheet : 6mm thickness glass


Recommended Glass Dimensions:

Fixed Units : Max. Limits: 145omm x 2450mm

Min. Limits: 679mm x 670mm

Top Hung Light : 1750 mm x 1750 mm

Max. 100 kgs

Min. 570 mm x 820 mm

U-Glazing Value : 1.6 W ㎡ K – 2.8 W ㎡ K




  1. All Glass Facades
  2. Entrances
  3. Shop Front Glazing
  4. Connection Bridges / Corridors
  5. Staircases
  6. Atrium / Skylights