Prince Side Hung System (3100 Series)

Prince Window System is elegant in its design and style. It is designed with a built-in architrave system to cover any irregularities in the openings.


Frame Profile Size: 65*91
Sash Profile Size: 65*76




Average Density: 1.38 to 1.40 g/cc
Heat Conductivity: 0.13 Kcal m2 H OC
Elasticity Modulus: 20.0 N / m2
Surface Resistance: 1012 ohms
Flexural Strength: 13 KJ m2


5 years for PVC windows and doors
2 years for accessories

It has a wide and robust body that holds big dimensions of opening windows and doors. This system is designed for both windows and doors using the appropriate profile type. The system opens inward for easy access to cleaning without leaning out. It is a design for side hung, tilt opening, or a combination of both. The profile system has 6 chambers designed for better soundproofing and heat insulation properties. This system can be used for windows and doors applications.

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